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Family Constellations

A family constellation is a brief, somatic, experiential approach to help resolve current issues, traumas and entanglements by exploring our family system and ancestral lines.

Many of our present-day concerns can have their roots in our generational family system.  The study of epigenetics has shown that trauma and other disturbances (including illnesses and tragedies) can pass down from one generation to another, sometimes skipping generations and reappearing in later generations. 

A family constellation can help reveal some of the underlying roots of emotional, physical and psychological difficulties that may have emerged from our family system (our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and beyond) and passed down to us, without our conscious awareness.

​​Often, stubborn or repetitive issues that don’t respond to logic, behavioural strategies or therapy can have their roots in our family system, leaving them (for the most part) untouched and ongoing. 

​​The good news is that our generational mind also has access to a vast pool of wisdom, inspiration, creativity and possibilities and we each have access to this - allowing for new possibilities and change.

Family Constellations require us to suspend what we already know about our experiences so far and enter the constellation experience with openness and curiosity.

In a typical session, you will be invited to briefly describe an issue that is impacting you right now.  You will be invited to provide some brief information about family members, depending on your issue, which might also include your maternal and paternal grandparents.   Even if you are not aware of (or have never met) certain family members (in the case of adoption, exclusion, death or otherwise), you will be invited you to choose symbols to represent them so that they are included in the family system.  Symbols for both yourself, the issue and family members will then be placed in proximity to one another, as guided by your inner felt sense (not the logical mind).  From here, a dialogue will begin and the constellation will unfold.  You will be supported in this process in a way that is respectful and honouring of you, family members and ancestors.

For more information about this process or to make a booking, please contact me on the link below.

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