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Energy Therapy

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Energy therapies are gentle, non-invasive hands-on (or hands off) modalities that work with the subtle energy systems of our body in support of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Daily stressors and unresolved issues can create disturbances in our subtle energy body.  Just as water flowing down a stream clears debris that has built up over time, energy therapy can help clear the "debris" in our subtle energy system (emotional, environmental, energy belonging to others etc), often revealing the larger issues that may need our attention. 



Energy therapy involves the use of specific methods to help bring our subtle energy system into homeostasis and restore a sense of calmness to our nervous system (the fight/flight/freeze/fawn response), leaving us feeling more grounded and present.  



Many clients have provided feedback that as a result of energy therapy received following surgery or medical procedures, they experienced decreased pain and discomfort, deeper relaxation and faster healing. 


​​What can I expect?

In our first session, we will focus on your needs and any questions you may have about the process.  You may wish to focus on a particular situation or concern in your life, or simply experience the many benefits of energy therapy as a regular form of nourishment. 

What do I wear?

Your comfort is paramount.  Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. 

What happens after my session?

Integration is a unique process for each person.  I encourage you to set aside some extra time in your day after a session to allow space for whatever may arise.  Some like to journal about their experience, others like to rest or perhaps go for a walk.  Most of all, this is a sacred time for you. ​

leaf shadow on white background

Client feedback

"Energy healings are so important for me - they help create balance, inner peace and a solid base from which I can move forward in life..."

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